How to use HELEN

With HELEN, anyone can easily dub a video
Now, you can bright the blind by dubbing with your voice

STEP 01 | Register and Select a Video to Dub

  1. Click [Login] button in the upper right corner to register and login

  2. Click [Start Dubbing] button in the main page

  3. How to choose a video

    1. Choose a video to dub from the list and click [Start Dubbing] button
    2. If the video you want to dub is not existing in the list, enter a URL of a video which is transcripted and translated in, then click [Start Dubbing] button
  4. Select a language to be dubbed from the list at the bottom of the screen then click [Start] button

STEP 02 | Recording and Editing

  1. click [ (Rec.)] button

  2. Record a given sentence within a given time

    [Tip] Did the recording button turn off in the middle of your recording?
    Don't worry, press the record button again to proceed.

  3. click [ (Play)] button to check recorded voice

  4. If the video and voice aren't synchronized, use [] button or [] button to adjust synchronization

  5. If you want to save in the middle of a job, use [Temp. Save] button

  6. Save it with the [Save] button when you are done with dubbing and wait for the voice files to be merged

STEP 03 | Watching and Publishing Dubbed Video

  1. Click the [User name] button at the top right of the page to see your dubbing list

  2. Click [View] button to watch dubbed video

  3. Click [Edit] button to enter edit dubbing mode

  4. Click [Publish] button to publish dubbed video to allow other users to watch your dubbed video

    A dubbed video is not shown explore page by default, so you have to publish it to share with others

  5. Publicized videos will bright the world that anyone can hear and see!

Tips For Better and Nice Dubbing

Pre-check the recording time

The recording interval is displayed to the left of the text that needs to be recorded. Recording after thinking about how many seconds you can record is recommended

Record on time

Press the Record button and start recording when the icon lights up red. Record is not enabled until the icon is red.

Make it flexible

If this section is too short to record yet, try recording the remainings in the next section. And if the content is not important, it's okay to use the flexibility to skip it.

Use Saving features

Please click the [Temp. save] or [Save] button during the operation. Using the [Save] button, you can prepare for situations in which recorded voices are reset due to unexpected errors. Also, you can divide the images several times at a time that are hard to complete.

Adjust mic. position

Recording the microphone too close in front of the mouth can cause recording the wind sound from the mouth or a mix of noise. Record the microphone on the right or left side of your mouth to prevent noise and get a better quality result.